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they said about macedonica

What many relevant institutions in this country failed to accomplish not only in these years of independence, but within the borders of the former sociopolitical status of the Republic of Macedonia is the creation of an encyclopedia-issue which will represent the wholesome living in this country. Macedonica is a capital product abounding with information in all areas which will be of use for each individual and on the other side it will be a real and worthy representation of our international (planetary) position, head-to-head with the sibling issues of other nations, cultures and countries.

"Utrinski vesnik"

The Macedonica CD-ROM was created by competent people from this area with a lot of esteem, enthusiasm and affection and that's why, with its invaluable quality that encloses rich and various content, it deserves to be called a national encyclopedia.


The first multimedia encyclopedia about Macedonia is emerging in the right moment to satisfy the growing needs for information about the Republic of Macedonia. With the tremendous amount of data, photography, video and audio, maps and other type of documents, Macedonica portrays a solid foundation for learning about the significant elements of the Macedonian civilization and country. The appearance of Macedonica astounds not only because of the lack of any type of encyclopedia for Macedonia, but because of the fact that with this issue the information about the Republic of Macedonia become available for millions of users across the world in a simple and easy way. Macedonia will contribute the emblem of all further presentations on the Republic of Macedonia throughout the world and it becomes an essential tool for every diplomat, tourist, businessman or reporter that shows interest for Macedonia. The prospect for updating the data in the next issues makes this CD-ROM even more attractive. With Macedonica, Semos Multimedia makes small, but indispensable link for the 21st century. The illustration of information about Macedonia will no longer be the same. The young team of Semos Multimedia helps the Republic of Macedonia to finally take its place in the world chart of electronic information.

Slobodan Unkovski
Professor at the Faculty for Drama and Arts

The encyclopedias represent the national treasure of a state and with that they all become a part of it. Macedonica, by Semos Multimedia, is becoming a part of that treasure.

Vladimir Dukovski
Professor at the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering