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New installation for Macedonica CD on Windows 7 operating system is available at the following address:
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There are new updates of the list of websites with Macedonian domain for Macedonica 4 in all categories.
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We present you Macedonica - a multimedia encyclopedia about the Republic of Macedonia on a CD ROM which consists of over 2000 pages of text, 1000 photographs, about 200 charts and data sheets and more than 3 hours of video and audio materials.
Macedonica offers an incredible amount of information on subjects in a variety of fields. It describes and presents the Macedonian cultural heritage, history, film, theater, music, science, sport, and the state establishment with special attention on the army, the police, the governmental institutions, the economy and economic parameters, health and education, the beauty of the Macedonian nature and the tourist attractions.

We strongly believe that you will find Macedonica very useful because it will enable you to quickly access a vast variety of informations. Besides, it is also a valuable souvenir from Macedonia that tells an interesting story.





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